Mens Wedding Bands: Top Tips for Making it Personal

Mens wedding bands are often seen as quite plain and, dare we say it, quite boring! Classic wedding bands certainly appeal to grooms-to-be, but how can you make your wedding band special and unique to you?   

Read on for Savvy+Sand's comprehensive guide to making your mens wedding band personal to you.

When selecting a mens wedding band, it is important to take into account your daily routine and lifestyle.

We have seen an increasing trend of gents choosing unique and personalised designs as opposed to a plain traditional band.

A piece of jewellery that you will be wearing daily should be reflection of your personality, so here is how you can really make your band your own…

There are numerous shapes and profiles in which we can handcraft your ring.
From a traditional or 'D' shaped profile to a contemporary flat design (and everything in between!)

We will discuss your design aspirations and also discuss your day-to-day routine to finalise which profile will suit you best.

The beauty of designing and creating a ring from scratch is that you can determine the exact measurements of your ring.

We can create the ring as narrow as 2mm and as wide as 10mm. Most clients prefer a width of either 5mm or 6mm, however this is something that is personal to you and we have sample widths for you to try in our boutique.

In addition to this we can also determine the depth of the ring. The height of the ring can be anything from 1mm to 2.2mm.

Not forgetting your finger size! We will measure you within our boutique and work with you to determine the most comfortable size for you based on your lifestyle and personal preferences.


Now we are getting onto the fun bit where you can let your creative flair flow!

We have a variety of precious metals that you can choose from. These include all the traditional metals such as white gold, yellow gold, rose gold and platinum.

In addition to these we are proud to exclusively create ring using Apricot Gold and even Carbon.



All of these metals are available in a variety of purities.

The fun doesn’t stop there - if you are torn between metals we are able to create rings with a mix of two or even three different metals.

Once you have chosen your metal type, it is time to choose your finish.
From traditional polished, fine matt or a rough brushed finish. We will show you examples from our existing boutique edition rings so that you can make an informed decision.

Now that we have the basis of your ring with your chosen metal (or metals) and in your aspirational finish, we can add the finer touches.

Add stepped edges, grooves, mill grain or carbon detailing (or a mix of all these if you wish!)


By this stage your ring is really your own. Unique and designed by you, for you.

Is there anything else?


Fancy a bit of sparkle? Add diamonds to your band.
This can be a single diamond, a row of diamonds or even a scatter of diamonds.


Available in different shapes, sizes and qualities.


The finishing touch. Add some engraving to the inside of the band. Maybe your wedding date, your partner's name or something personal to you both.


We have a variety of fonts to choose from and can even engrave symbols!

And there we have it, you have created your own wedding band which is a reflection of you!

We recommend having a price point in mind when beginning your search for a wedding band.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to budget. Our job is to guide you and recommend what is achievable within your price aspiration.

The benefit of designing and creating a ring from scratch is that we are able to keep an eye on the price throughout the process and advise how changing certain elements (such as metal) can make a difference to the price of the band.

We are here to work with you to create something as unique as you are.

We look forward to welcoming you into our boutique to begin your bespoke wedding ring design journey.

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