Lab Grown Diamonds vs Natural Diamonds: Is there a Difference?

Savvy+Sand were invited by Sky News to offer our thoughts on the growth of lab grown diamonds (also sometimes known as cultivated diamonds, man made diamonds, or even synthetic diamonds), a category of diamonds that we offer to our clients.          

Hear from our co-founder on this intriguing area of growth for the diamond industry by watching our Sky News video feature and read more about the differences below.

What are lab diamonds?

Lab created diamonds are diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are created in a specialised foundry that recreates the way in which the Earth forms diamonds. Each lab grown diamond grows in its own way, with one-of-a-kind inclusions and unique growth patterns. No two lab created diamonds are alike. Each is unique to the core.

What is the difference between lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds?

Anatomically and chemically, there is no difference between lab grown and natural diamonds. There is also no visual difference between comparable diamonds. Lab grown diamonds do provide full traceability and the reassurance that they are created in a foundry with little to zero carbon footprint.

Also, a lab grown diamond will reflect a price that is in excess of 30% lower than a comparable natural diamond. For example, a Round Brilliant diamond of 2.12ct, graded F colour, VS2 clarity:

Aboveground Diamond -  £14,500
Natural Diamond - £25,000

Do lab grown diamonds sparkle less than natural diamonds?

In short, no. Just like mined diamonds, lab grown diamonds form as rough diamonds. From here, it goes through the exact same processes as a naturally formed diamond does, to craft a diamond as you know it.

Each lab grown diamond is cut to perfect proportions to maximise brilliance and is graded by a GIA Gemologist, according to the strictest professional standards.

Is there a difference between Savvy+Sand lab grown diamonds and other lab grown diamonds?

A common misconception is that all lab grown diamonds are created equal. This is incorrect.

Our lab grown diamonds are created using renewable energy and are certified carbon neutral.

Our lab grown diamonds are allowed to grow and form naturally from a single diamond seed, therefore the quality of the rough diamond grown cannot be guaranteed, exactly the same process as a mined diamond.

Lab grown diamonds may also be grown from a diamond seed, however during the process they will be enhanced or manipulated to allow the diamond to form in a specific way. This may be to determine a specific colour grade.

A Savvy+Sand lab grown diamond is a true reflection of creating a diamond as near as to how a mined diamond is created.

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