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Diamond engagement rings and jewellery by award-winning jewellers, with a heritage spanning over four generations.

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Handcrafted with precision and passion, our engagement rings are more than just a symbol of commitment - they're a masterpiece. Each ring is carefully crafted by our skilled artisans, infusing traditional techniques with contemporary designs to create a timeless piece of jewellery that tells your love story.

'With a passion for creative flair, we have partnered with globally renowned jewellery designers to bring engagement ring collections exclusively to the UK and Europe.'

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Four Generations of jewellery artistry

As the great-great grandsons of master jewellers, Savvy+Sand inherited more than an impeccable taste for fine gems; they were born with an eye for craftsmanship and a love for jewellery artistry of the highest caliber.

more about Bond Street, Mayfair

The ideal place to discover originalcreative and unique engagement rings is Bond Street and New Bond Street, because there are few places in the world where you will find such a variety of original and innovative engagement ring styles from prestigious and trustworthy jewellery design houses, all within walking distance from one another.

Having established ourselves as a jewellers in Hatton Gardens in 2012, with roots going back over four generations in diamonds and jewellery, we transitioned to our boutique in Bond Street, as our quality and innovation in craftsmanship, authentic and comprehensive service and transparent pricing aligned with the jewellery offering in Bond Street.

Savvy+Sand brought with it innovationcreativity and a contemporary flair in engagement ring design. Savvy+Sand has grown to become a prominent jeweller in Bond Street, Mayfair and throughout London - handcrafting engagement rings and wedding rings in our in-house atelier, that are both timeless, creatively designed and relevant to brides-to-be.

Bond Street has been at the heart of London’s high fashion since the 18th century and is renowned for its elegant boutiques, designer fashion brands, art galleries and fine jewellery shops.

Bond Street houses world renowned jewellery brands that create jewellery pieces with one-of-a-kind diamonds and gemstones. It is this creative and original design approach, as well as knowing you are buying from a trusted and established jeweller, that customers appreciate. 

Bond Street and New Bond Street is the go-to engagement ring buying destination for unique and original designs, exceptional customer service and trustworthy jewellers. Though Hatton Garden jewellers in London is also a location for engagement rings, the area has sadly suffered in recent years with unscrupulous jewellers, second-hand and questionably-sourced diamonds and poor quality, mass produced engagement rings.

With a genuineauthentic and creative approach, Bond Street and New Bond Street, London engagement rings are the most reputable for expertly crafted, original and exquisite engagement rings.

A short walk around Bond Street and New Bond Street will offer you an array of jewellers, each offering their own unique in-house style and service.

It is important to find the jeweller that not only offers a level of service that is reputable and authentic, but also provides you with exceptional engagement rings styles, guarantees ethical diamond sourcing and is transparent in pricing. 

An intricate knowledge of both diamonds and lab grown diamonds, their origins, and their suitability for engagement rings are traits of an exceptional jeweller. At Savvy+Sand, each of our experts, with their knowledge and experience gained during their GIA gemmology qualifications, source the finest diamonds and gemstones from around the world, for the exact needs of each individual client.

At Savvy+Sand, we provide a comprehensive and transparent service that is all about you. We never push for a sale - we will always take the time to educate and guide you through the entire engagement ring buying process - what we call the ‘journey’. We will carefully listen to your requirements and curate a collection of engagement ring styles and diamonds that meet and exceed your requirements, as well as talk you through the intricacies of our bespoke engagement ring services. We then leave it to you to take the time you need to make your decision - we do not pressure you at any stage and always give you our honest, expert guidance.

When making a decision to buy a diamond, we only consider GIA certified diamonds. Some jewellers, especially those jewellers in Hatton Garden, opt to grade their diamonds in-house, leaving room for biased conclusions. Similarly, other diamond grading labs may be over generous with the grading to artificially increase their value. The GIA are an independent, not for profit, grading lab whose grading credentials are globally trusted and valued.

At Savvy+Sand, we are one of the remaining few independent jewellers that have our own in-house atelier. We are proud to have our own experienced team of goldsmiths that hand-make each of our engagement rings. 
We invite you to visit our boutique to meet our experts, that will guide you in creating your exceptional engagement ring.