Our Story

A Family

Savvy+Sand is taken from the names of our founders, whose jewellery heritage can be traced back at least four generations. At Savvy+Sand, we are dedicated to our family values and to building new relationships to realise our passion for creative jewellery.

We're about building relationships

At Savvy+Sand we have a simple goal; to create exceptional quality diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and fine jewellery that are creatively designed and crafted responsibly and ethically. Jewellery that has a story, creates conversation and celebrates moments in life's journey.

a Passion for creativity

At Savvy+Sand we have a passion for beautifully designed, expertly crafted fine diamond engagement jewellery. Our engagement jewellery is created by our in-house artisans at our privately-owned atelier. Meticulously crafted, we have a comprehensive range of signature designs and a curated selection of engagement jewellery crafted by renowned, international designers. We also thrive on providing our clients the ability to create their own custom, bespoke designs, providing endless possibilities


At Savvy+Sand, we take sustainability seriously and we work to reduce our impact on our planet. We responsibly source our diamonds and can trace 100% of our rough diamonds to known mines and sources. Our high-quality raw materials are responsibly sourced and this ethos continues through to the creation of the final piece of jewellery. We offer lab grown diamonds as a direct alternative to earth-mined diamonds.

From our Founders

We have an immense passion for creative jewellery and are proud of our dedicated team (our family) in bringing our clients the very best in design and craftsmanship. We are all committed to creating the highest quality engagement jewellery, providing you with our expert knowledge and advice so that you can be confident in choosing the finest jewellery for the memorable moments in your life's journey. From our family to yours, we invite you to begin your journey with us.