Savvy+Sand x Diamond Foundry

Diamond Foundry is the world’s first lab-grown diamond producer to be certified as 100% carbon neutral – meaning it has zero carbon footprint. And in doing so, it has attracted the attention of Savvy+Sand. 

Our London, Mayfair, boutique has partnered with Diamond Foundry to bring its lab-grown diamonds to the UK market - all available to search and view here

Below, our creative director, Saveet, talks about working with ethical, lab-grown diamonds and how this has influenced our approach.

New Demand for Ethical Diamonds

"Increasingly, millennials are demanding greater transparency and authenticity in their purchases. Whether its fair-trade coffee, eco-clothing brands, or eco-friendly cleaners, millennials want ethical products.  It shouldn’t, therefore, come as a surprise that some millennials who buy diamond engagement rings are seeking the most ethical option available – lab-grown diamonds."

"As a creative jeweller whose passion is in designing and creating engagement rings to last generations, I am fascinated by the future. It is in my nature to embrace change and it’s interesting to give our customers the opportunity to add an ethical value to the value that diamonds already have - for many, this ethical worth is as valuable as the diamond itself. In designing engagement rings for our customers, I take inspiration from the classicism of the diamond engagement ring and add a unique touch and personalisation – it’s a marriage between the past and future."

New Diamond Cuts

"With Diamond Foundry lab-grown diamonds being disruptive - its focus on innovation and technology is so important - we have been successful in bringing the diamonds into our existing engagement ring designs - marrying the aesthetics of our collection pieces with Diamond Foundry diamonds. With each of our engagement rings being fully customisable to be set with Diamond Foundry lab-grown diamonds, we have opened up more bespoke possibilities for our customers."

"We also saw partnering with Diamond Foundry an excellent opportunity to introduce newly manufactured cuts, opening a new chapter in the long history of diamonds. Using state-of-the-art technology, Diamond Foundry has produced new diamond cuts, such as Capri, Delphine and Lucky - fresh, light-spirited diamonds that are definitely in keeping with our customers' aspirations."

diamond foundry new cuts

Lower Price Point

"By working with Diamond Foundry, our customers now have the opportunity to have larger diamonds for their budget and can often design their engagement rings in a more playful way. For example, a current trend is marrying a simple plain band with a large sustainable diamond centre and a smaller ‘hidden’ diamond underneath."

"I can’t deny that Diamond Foundry’s lab-grown diamonds are epoch-making - the price point opens up more opportunities for customers to get the diamond engagement ring that they dreamt of." - Saveet Babber, Creative Director

Is there a difference between Lab Grown and Earth Mined diamonds?

Anatomically and chemically, there is no difference between lab grown and earth-mined diamonds. There is also no visual difference between comparable diamonds. Lab grown diamonds do... Read more about the differences

Learn more about Diamond Foundry lab-grown diamonds by Making an Appointment with our team.

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