Verragio Engagement Rings & Wedding Bands FAQ

Unique design, expert craftsmanship and exceptional quality make Verragio engagement rings very popular with our discerning clients. We have prepared FAQ that our clients often ask.

Where can I buy a Verragio ring in the UK/Europe?

We are proud to be the only authorised retailer for Verragio in the UK and Europe. We ship via FedEx internationally through a fully insured and trackable service, therefore can service orders from anywhere in the world.


Where are Verragio engagement rings made?

Verragio engagement rings are made in New York, USA. In most cases, we will set the center diamond for you in our own London workshop.


How much is a Verragio engagement ring?

Verragio engagement rings typically start from around £2,000 – excluding the center diamond. Verragio engagement rings are akin to fine works of art. The level of craftsmanship is of the highest level and, as such, each ring takes a considerable amount of time to craft.


Is there a price difference between buying from Savvy+Sand and retailers in the USA?

The pricing of Verragio rings are set exclusively by Verragio themselves, therefore, the pricing will be the same globally. The only difference is UK VAT and Duty payable in the UK, which is not usually shown on online sites based in the USA. When you make a purchase online from outside the EU, VAT and Duty will be charged to you when the ring enters the UK by the shipping agent. This is often a ‘hidden’ cost, that is not usually made very clear by online retailers.

By purchasing from Savvy+Sand, you are guaranteed the price we quote is the price you pay, with no hidden, additional charges. We are also on your doorstep should any issues arise. You will also benefit from our complimentary annual service, which includes cleaning, polishing and setting check.


How long does it take to make a Verragio engagement ring?

Each Verragio ring is custom made in your finger size and to the exact measurements of your chosen center diamond. The time from order confirmation to collection is approx. 6-8 weeks.


What shape diamonds does Verragio make rings for?

As Verragio rings are custom made to the exact measurements of the center diamond, they can be made for any diamond shape – such as round, princess, cushion, pear, oval, etc. Some Verragio designs may ‘suit’ a particular diamond shape more so than others, therefore, please speak to one of our team for expert advice.


Can Verragio engagement rings be resized?

It is possible to resize Verragio engagement rings either through remaking the bottom section of the ring or by fitting what is known as the Verragio Fit Right into the bottom section of the ring. Charges will apply for either option.


Are Verragio rings comfortable to wear?

Verragio rings are very comfortable to wear and have been designed to be so. The inside of the ring is smooth, so fits very well on the finger.


Can I choose the metal I want in a Verragio ring?

Verragio designs are available in your choice of Platinum, 14K and 18K White and Yellow Gold and 18K and 20K Rose Gold. For a ring that is truly unique, you are welcome to combine any of the above metals into one ring.


What colour and clarity are the diamonds used in Verragio rings?

Verragio uses F-G colour and VS clarity diamonds in the Insignia, Venetian and Couture Collections. In the Parisian Collection, Verragio uses F-G colour and SI clarity diamonds. The Renaissance Collection uses G-H colour and SI clarity diamonds.


Does the pricing on Verragio rings include the center diamond?

All Verragio rings are sold as “semi-mounts”, which means that the ring will come complete with all diamonds and gemstones set except for the center diamond. If you are unsure of the center diamond you want when ordering, we can have your ring set with a Cubic Zircon, free of charge.


What is the warranty on Verragio rings?

Verragio provides a limited lifetime warranty that guarantees that your ring will be free of defects in materials and workmanship. This is backed by our complimentary annual servicing, where our artisans will check your setting and clean your Verragio ring.