Our Diamond Promise

Our promise is to empower you, our clients, with transparent, reliable and comparable diamond knowledge to inform and guide your decision. We will sort diamonds for you which are guided by Principles.




Analytical & Financial:

Prices will vary considerably between diamonds with identical 4Cs. We identify the best Colour, Clarity and Carat weight combination to optimise your budget and find diamonds that make “money and sense”.

Sourcing Impartially:

We have a large selection of exceptional diamonds to offer you, but we will go beyond our inventory to find the right ones to recommend you. We only propose the diamonds we really believe in and would buy for ourselves. We search far and wide, beyond the reach of most other jewellers, from any ethical source.



Uncompromised Grading:

We propose diamonds certified by the GIA, the reputed grading authority for the diamond trade worldwide. We will only propose diamonds certified by other laboratories if the grading is verified by us.