A jewel is a unique representation of individuality and speaks of a personal sense of style; most importantly it can be created exclusively and only for you. Creative jewellery is original; many think it possesses more ‘soul’. Because it is borne from your ideas and feelings it is particularly connected to you.

We design and handcraft exclusive customised jewellery: whatever you wish – engagement rings, wedding rings, a necklace, or earrings – we will make something beautiful even more precious to you. Pieces are designed to suit your style, personality and budget. All our bespoke rings and jewellery are handmade. Unusually compared to other jewellers, we do not use CAD (computer aided design), or employ casts for designs. It means we can design pieces other jewellers cannot. This service is complimentary and provided here. There are no minimum requirements.

Buying bespoke is a uniquely personal experience and our briefing process reflects this. Our design team is highly trained and, unusually, are all practicing jewellery designers themselves – as well as being GIA-trained (Savvy+Sand Diamond Concierge Service).They will carefully listen to your requirements. During this creative consultation we will discuss various aspects of design, sometimes referring to existing jewellery to help develop your own bespoke concepts. The process is organic, personal and continuously evolving. Indeed we pride ourselves on our sensitive and eclectic design approach taking inspiration from many sources including nature, nostalgia, fashion and, of course, you and your own design story.


"We Met Skiing"

Discover Simon & Martha’s story

I was with my friends queuing for the chair lift to the top of the mountain when another group joined our queue. I became aware of a man laughing and joking with his friends. A bit intrigued I turned to look and saw that in fact he was quite good-looking and what he was saying was quite funny.

Two days later I was on the coach to go ice skating and the coach was packed. I found myself sitting next to Simon whom I’d seen previously at the chair lift. We got on instantly finding we had a lot in common. We saw each other a lot on that holiday and met up again in London. Skiing has always been special to us as a result.

Mont Blanc Haute-Savoie, France
Mont Blanc
Haute-Savoie, France.

"We Met In South-East Asia"

Discover Ken & Jasmine’s story

My friend and I were on a gap year travelling through Thailand. One evening I went to an internet cafe and found my laptop wouldn’t work. I started to try and get it working and – I was told later! – started to look really annoyed and stressed. Ken, a fellow UK traveller who happened to also be in the cafe that night, had seen my PC struggles, came over, introduced himself and offered to help mend it.

In ten minutes he had it working. I was very grateful and we started talking and sharing our experiences of travelling. We became friends that holiday. In fact we changed our travelling plans to be with each other more. Our friendship developed into something deeper and two years later we married.

Railay Beach Krabi, Thailand.
Railay Beach
Krabi, Thailand.

"We Met At University"

Discover Rav & Lucy’s story

For me it was love at first sight when I spotted Lucy in a corridor at uni. She was talking to a tutor and I thought she looked really pretty, clever and interesting. She was carrying a book I had just finished reading and enjoyed.

Just as important she was carrying a bag of donuts. And I really like donuts! The next day I bumped into her again on campus and asked her out for tea – and of course donuts. Our relationship developed through our student years and became more serious after we graduated.

Danube River Budapest, Hungary.
Danube River
Budapest, Hungary.

"We Met in New York"

Discover Kerry & Brian’s story

My sister lives in New York and I was there on holiday on my own. She gave a party and one of her friends brought Brian as a guest and he caught my eye right away. We struck up a conversation and hit it off instantly.

We agreed to meet in Central Park the next day. It started to rain and we sheltered under a tree. Couldn’t have planned it to be more romantic actually. I knew he was the shy type, so I made a bold decision. With no warning at all , under the trees, I kissed him. We’ve been together ever since!

Chrysler Building Manhattan Island, US
Chrysler Building
Manhattan Island, US

"We Met in the City"

Discover Michael & Mel’s story

We were working at the same place in the City but it was a big company and we were in different departments so we didn’t know each other at all. We met when we found ourselves on a work project and had to pair up as a team. Though we disagreed on how the task should be handled at first (!) as the project developed, so did our friendship and eventual relationship.

Three years later we married.

Kingsway Holborn London, Great Britain
Kingsway Holborn
London, Great Britain